Healthcare Changes

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In 2013, our healthcare system introduced some new changes. When you enroll in your Marketplace health insurance plan, you might notice some of these recent additions:

Coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.
If you have a pre-existing condition (ex: diabetes, pregnancy, heart problems), you will be able to get coverage.

No lifetime limits.
Your healthcare company will keep paying for your healthcare needs.

Increased coverage for children.
Kids can stay on a parent’s healthcare plan until they are 26 years old.

Covered preventive care for women.
Women can receive complete coverage for more services, including breastfeeding support and supplies, well-woman visits, FDA-approved birth control methods and much more.

Increased preventive care.
More preventive care services are covered—such as yearly checkups, blood pressure tests, shots and some cancer screenings.

Conditions for Coverage.
Insurance companies can only look at your age, where you live and whether or not you smoke to figure out how much your health plan will cost.

More opportunities for subsidies.

You can get help paying for your premium with a subsidy. A subsidy is money that the government gives to your insurer to help pay for your plan.

Health Insurance Marketplaces.
Each state has its own Health Insurance Marketplace. The Open Enrollment Period for 2017 coverage is November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018.